Wedding at Ylang Ylang Beach Resort Montezuma Costa Rica February 2013

The Ylang Ylang Beach Resort in Montezuma, Costa Rica is wonderful place for a destination wedding. Montezuma itself is a small colorful artist-filled town and it’s just a short walk along the beach back to Ylang Ylang’s secluded bungalows set in lush tropical gardens. An added bonus is that for me to get to Montezuma from Manuel Antonio on the Central Pacific coast I need to take a speed boat…Awesome!! […]

What style of wedding photography do YOU like?

There are quite a few different styles of wedding photography, what do you think would suit you?? ..What’s chic? But what would Great Auntie Vera like? What would you like hang on your wall? What will still look good on your mantle piece for your 40th wedding anniversary?! So lets looks at Traditional Wedding Photography… […]