a photographers travels through south east asia

Some of you may have noticed my radio silence for the last few months, there is good reason!
Even though I live in Costa Rica, I still get the travel bug; so this low season my wife, 5-year-old daughter and I packed our bags and backpacked around South East Asia.
We traveled through Vietnam, Cambodia, the Philippines and Thailand. It was an epic trip; the culture, food, smells, even the light is different.
This is but a small sample of photos, I actually have 1000’s of photos to go through, but these are some that I quickly edited to share with family and friends…and you!
I have been back in Costa Rica for a few weeks, I have already shot a couple of weddings, and high season will start with a bang soon. I feel refreshed and excited about this new season, traveling opens your eyes to new ideas and possibilities.
It’s great to be back!

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