Beach Wedding by Horseback – Playa Ventanas Costa Rica 2015

The bride is from Poland, the groom is from New Zealand, they live in Australia – Where are you going to get married? Costa Rica, of course!
Their wedding ceremony took place of the beautiful beach of Playa Ventanas on the Southern Pacific Coast of Costa Rica. The bride and her father arrived by horseback to a tropical arch made of palm fronds and Heliconia, where family and friends were gathered for the relaxed beach wedding. After the ceremony, refreshing pipas were served to the guests. A pipa is a young coconut that has plenty of rehydrating coconut juice inside. The groom’s daughter played guitar and sang, and the guests enjoyed the music and the sunset. The wedding party then went to a fabulous nearby villa in Dominical for the reception dinner and party.

Wedding Officiant: Rodrigo Campos

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