Colorful Indian Wedding at Los Sueños Costa Rica January 2015

Everything about this wedding was so gorgeously colorful…the saris, the flowers, the spices, even the sunset. This traditional Hindi wedding and  reception took place at the Los Sueños Marriott at Herradura Beach and was beautifully planned by Weddings Costa Rica.
The Bride and Groom both live in Chicago, and this Hindi Wedding in Costa Rica was a joyful bonding of two families and two cultures.  The bride is of Indian heritage, she wore a traditional Indian sari and jewelry with henna tattoos on her hands and feet.

The groom arrived on a horseback for his “Baraat”, the presentation of the Groom’s family to the Bride’s family, there was music playing and dancing, an exciting start to the celebrations!

The whole wedding party then moved to the wedding site where all the spices, garlands, oils that are used in a traditional Hindi ceremony awaited them under the Mandap (the raised wooden ceremony altar).

The ceremony itself is an ancient, intricate tradition where there are many stages including the exchange of garlands, throwing rice upon the fire and circling the fire, it was beautiful to photograph.

After the ceremony we had some time to take some photos of the bride and groom with friends, family and some couples portraits. I love the photo of the bride with her friends doing the Vishnu poses, and the photos with the bride’s sari caught in the light.

We later moved to the Carara Ballroom for the reception party and dinner. The ballroom was decorated with colorful kites, tropical fruits and drift wood. For the reception the bride groom changed into “western culture” wedding clothes, I adore the photos of their hands!

I managed to sneak the bride and groom away to get a few more gorgeous photos in their change attire, before the reception kicked off…

Truly an honor to be part of this wedding. Best of luck and thank you!

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