Wedding in Dominical – Costa Rica – May 2014

This couple love to surf, so they decided to come down to Dominical, Costa Rica for a surfing vacation and to get married. The ceremony took place with the bride and groom stood on some volcanic rocks by the Pacific Ocean’s edge. We got some great beach photos and I love the sequence with the wish lanterns…gorgeous! I even got a couple of photos of the couple with their surf boards in their VW Camper Van…then the party kicked off at Roca Verde, a great night!

Last weekend I did a follow up shoot with the bride and groom, I got them in the surf and even paddle boarding in their wedding gear…photos to come!

3 thoughts on “Wedding in Dominical – Costa Rica – May 2014

  1. Sweet! I love the lantern segment. But you know, maybe Ive just been too poor all my life, but after shelling out big bucks for a beautiful gown, I could never drag it across a wet, sandy beach. I would go with a shin length thing. Or perhaps a specially designed white jumper…..beautiful photos!

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