A Persian Wedding at Villa Caletas Costa Rica January 2013

This beautiful Persian wedding was a marvelous to photograph with the bright colors of the flowers and dresses against the stunning backdrop of the of the ocean.  The family set up a traditional Sofreye Aghd or Wedding Spread, this includes pastries, herbs, salt, candles, mirrors and a blessed bread, which was specially baked with calligraphy written on it. Another Persian tradition, a bright blue shawl which is held over the bride and grooms heads during the ceremony. The wedding ceremony took place at sunset on Villa Caleta’s incredible private amphitheater. The wedding party then moved to the spectacular  Zephyr Palace, Villa Caletas wedding reception venue for dinner and dancing.

A couple of days after the wedding the bride and groom came to Manuel Antonio for a sunset couple photo shoot, where we got some beautiful romantic photos.

Wedding Planner – Villa Caletas Wedding Planners
Location- Villa Caletas


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