Costa Rica’s Phosphorescent Waves

A couple months ago I went to Montezuma, on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica, to photograph a wedding, it was a few days before the full moon and the beach was really light even at 10pm at night. Looking out to the ocean, I could see this electrical charge of light as the large waves crashed against the beach. Certain types of oceanic plankton produce a phosphorescence in a chemical response to the energy produced by the waves movement. This gave me a wonderful light show and a slow shutter speed gave the beach an ethereal effect. Glad I had my camera but I think I would have preferred my surf board!

What would you have preferred your Camera or your Board?!

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10 thoughts on “Costa Rica’s Phosphorescent Waves

  1. Hmmmmm Good question, I have always thought it not so good to swim in the ocean at night, so I would have chosen the camera. BUT, if I didnt have that old notion, I would so choose the Surf Board!

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