Here comes summer…

Many people seem to think that Costa Rica is all about endless sunshine, playing on the beach and romping through the sun-dappled rainforest. Well, I am pleased to say that is mainly true, BUT in Costa Rica, we do have a “Green Season” too.

So what is this “Green Season”?? A typical day has beautiful sunny mornings and then in the afternoon, like clockwork  the clouds gather and there is rain……hard, tropical rain for an hour or two, sometimes more sometimes less, but one thing is for sure there is nearly always rain.

I personally quite like the rainy season. Firstly, the rain is warm! In the rainy season the rainforest is much lusher and filled with fabulous waterfalls, there are beautiful sunsets created by the clouds and there are fewer people!

From a photographers point of view it is the quiet season, fewer people means less weddings and less portraits. But it gives us a breath of fresh air to rejuvenate us for the crazy, high season that is just starting.
Amongst nature photography and house repairs, this green season I have been able to spend lots of time with my family and wonderful new baby daughter. We are however looking forward to the high season…someone has to pay for all those diapers!

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