Why Costa Rica?

So how did  I end up in Costa Rica?

I think I have always had a lust for travel, nature, photography and adventure…It all started when I was a wee baby born in Ireland, when I was just 1 years old, my parents decided to start a new life for our family in the USA, so my parents, 2 older sisters and I all moved to the east coast state of Virginia. This is where I developed my deep love of nature and later for photography. As a child, I had the freedom to roam in the Blue Ridge Mountains, putting insects in my pockets and following tracks of animals, only coming home as dusk started to settle. As I grew older I realized I wanted to capture moments of nature’s glory to remember forever and this is when I first started to take photos.

Living in Costa Rica gives me daily moments that I can be immersed in nature, and more than enough adventure to fulfill my childhood dream of being Indiana Jones. Manuel Antonio, the town where I live, is like an adventure activity playground where kayaking, canyoning, surfing, and scuba diving are the normal weekend activities, I live in a house where the monkeys run across my roof every morning and back again in the afternoon.

Some of my more memorable nature photography moments have taken place here. Photographing the amazing diversity of creatures, from the tiny, colorful insects to the slow-moving moss-covered sloths. You are never quite sure what might surprise you, like the 15 ft boa constrictor I found outside my house last week…my motto is always keep a camera handy!

For these reasons I chose to settle here in Costa Rica, now I have been here over 10 years and can really call the jungle paradise my home.

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